Spring Style

Spring has sprung! Which in South Georgia, means hot days and cool mornings. So, you can either dress for the morning and be sweating by ten o'clock, or you can dress for the day and be a little chilly walking to class. (I usually go with the first option) Nevertheless, spring is my favorite season!… Continue reading Spring Style

20 Signs You’re the Preppy Friend

If you don't know who it is, it's probably you. 1) Practically everything you own is monogrammed. One of my roommates thought it was crazy that most everything I own has my initials plastered on it somewhere. I thoughtΒ sheΒ was crazy. 2) You also constantly worry what will happen to said monogrammed articles when you get… Continue reading 20 Signs You’re the Preppy Friend

hey y’all

If you've stumbled across my page, welcome! I'm Lauren. Two things to first get sorted: Yes, my name really is Thelma. It's a family name and I only get embarrassed by it when the professor calls roll on the first day. This blog really has no specific purpose... it's just for sharing my thoughts! If… Continue reading hey y’all