Life Update + New Changes

Hey y’all!

So, I wasn’t expecting to make this post, but I decided to fill y’all in on the happenings in my life, along with some changes coming to thelma lauren as well as my instagram, laureninpearls. Fair warning: the introduction to this sounds way more dramatic than the content.

First of all, I’m still interning, and still loving it! Unfortunately, in my line of work, I can’t always dress cute, so I don’t really have any #ootd photos to share daily, unless you want to see me in Columbia shirts and khakis, or company t-shirts and Nike shorts. Trust me, I’m saving y’all on this one.

Classes start back at ABAC on August 16th, and I could not be more excited! I love ABAC, and what I’m studying. so naturally I’m ready to start learning more and see my friends and professors. Also, I’ve been hoarding SO MANY cute outfits for the start of school/fall, when I can *actually* wear them. I’ve been in shopaholic mode. But when am I not?

I also move into my apartment this weekend!! When I leave my parents’ house tomorrow, I’ll be playing car Tetris and “how much can I fit in the Chevy Cruze?” I’ve been collecting and buying home decor along and along, and I’m redoing my desk chair this weekend so my parents can bring it to me when they bring my desk and kitchen table + chairs. I’m so excited to be able to share the finished product with y’all! I also have some Lilly inspired bathroom decor I’m so eager to show you. Expect that sometime next week! If you’re interested, there may be a blog post on where I got some of my decorations/how I made them. Let me know in the comments or on Insta!

So, this summer, I haven’t had a blogging schedule at all. It’s been hard when working, because I never know what I’ll be doing that day, then when I get home, it’s to make supper, wash clothes, and get ready for the next day. So, I have exciting news! Beginning on August 21, you can expect new blog posts each Monday and Friday! I’ll definitely be getting used to writing two posts a week, but I’m so glad I’ll be back on a schedule. If you have anything you want to see on here, drop it in the comments!

Also, EXCITING NEWS! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this, but I was accepted as a Jadelynn Brooke College Rep! Use my code LBABAC for 15% off any of their super cute items, and keep a watch on my Instagram for their apparel to appear! I can’t describe how happy I am to rep for such an amazing company. I’ve been obsessed with Jadelynn Brooke since 2014, when I got my first shirt, which still hangs in my closet. Jade, Lexi, and Brooke have done an excellent job curating a happy, bright brand for preppy people. It’s become a staple in my wardrobe, and many other girls’ as well. If you haven’t yet, check them out! I’m positive you’ll find something you like, so when you do, use my code. πŸ˜‰

This is such a randomly organized post, but… who’s excited for the Lilly After Party Sale?? I’ve been saving my money and making a list of the items I want! The APS is a great way to snag Lilly without the awful price tag. I’m going to make sure I grab some pieces I can wear to work!

Lastly, to finish out the post, this laptop is retiring. RIP to all the saved passwords and stickers on this computer. So, as you probably realize, the blog will be down until I get my new laptop, which should be sometime this week/next week. I’m really hoping to get a Macbook! I’ve heard nothing but good things and I love my iPhone, so it’s the logical choice for me.

Sorry for this super random, terribly organized post. Until I get my new laptop, see y’all next time!

much love,

thelma lauren


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