Back to College Essentials

August is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means. School supplies magically reappear in store aisles, stores put on massive sales, and the move-in day countdown begins. With that, here are some college essentials you’ll need come August- whether you’re an incoming freshman or gearing up for your junior year.

1) A Good Planner

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a good planner is essential to being organized during the school year. A planner helps you to keep track of assignments, social events, tests, birthdays, weddings, really anything you need to remember.

My personal favorites are Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and Lauren James. I always use Lilly, but I’ve looked at the other two before and it’s just a matter of preference! All will easily keep you organized (and they’re pretty!). They all range from $25-$36. Lilly comes in several different sizes and prints, and the Lauren James and Kate Spade planners come in several different designs.

2) A Durable Backpack

Never feel guilty about spending money on a quality backpack. I would rather spend $100 at one time on a durable bookbag than $30 every six months/year on a cheaper quality one. The three above are tried and true, and I know they’ll last! They’re all affordable, as well, and come in different designs.

Jadelynn Brooke’s backpacks are so adorable, and look so cute monogrammed! They come in three different designs, and check out the matching lunch boxes at the link below! It’s also water repellant, which is definitely something I look for when shopping for a backpack, because you never know when you’ll be walking to class in a monsoon. Been there, done that.

Jadelynn Brooke Backpacks

L.L Bean backpacks are my go-to, and have been since elementary school. I started out with a pink rolling bookbag with the light-up wheels (the whole squad had them) and worked my way up. Each backpack is warrantied at least three years, but the last one I purchased came to me in seventh grade, and I used it all the way until senior year. L.L. Bean also offers monogramming, and they’re having a back to school sale now! The quality of their packs are unrivaled, I promise. I’ve walked to class in the pouring rain with mine, and everything inside was as dry as when I left my dorm room. It really is awesome! (The style of my backpack is pictured above, and right now it’s on sale for $50)

L.L. Bean Backpacks

3) Dorm Bedding

So, I know everyone loves cute bedding for dorm rooms. I know I searched *forever* to find the perfect set. Fair warning: don’t spend a ton of money on your freshman year bedding. Odds are, your freshman year dorm bed is a Twin XL, and if your college is anything like mine, you only stay in a TXL bed for a year, before graduating to a full sized bed. (I also accidentally dropped an uncapped highlighter on my comforter. Oops.) Check out these Twin XL bed in a bag options at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Β which is where my freshman year bedding came from. It came with a comforter, two shams, a sheet set, and two throw pillows, and it came in a hamper! So, that’s probably the best value for your money. PBTeen offers some cute, albeit pricey, options as well. Also, always have an extra set of sheets on hand. You never know when you’ll spill something on your sheets. The best sheets I’ve ever had came from DormCo, which also offers many dorm necessities, as well as bedding.

4) Bathroom Essentials

Shower Caddy


This shower caddy from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is an absolute must-have, whether you have a communal bathroom or not! It’s a 2-in-1, and it only costs $8!


I don’t really feel the need to explain this one (hahaha), but this stuff really works! Read the reviews on Bed Bath and Beyond’s site. It comes in a variety of sizes and fragrances, but original citrus is my favorite.

To quote my boyfriend, “You’re not really going to put that on your blog, are you?

5) Electronics

So, I recently invested in this television and it is the best thing ever. It’s my first big girl purchase on my own, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a 32″ smart TV by The Creative Life. It has access to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, and several television channels. It’s the best option for a college student who doesn’t want to pay for cable, because let’s be honest, all I watch is Netflix, Hulu, and television on demand. At only $135, this is a steal. Find it here at Wal Mart.

An iHome is your ultimate alarm clock, radio, and stereo all in one. It also charges your phone and displays the time. Perfect for a desk! I use it to play music while I’m cleaning up around the apartment and charge my phone while I’m doing so.


I hope this list has been helpful! These are just the back-to-school basics I can think of. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

much love,

thelma lauren



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